A Three-Can Moving Day

Hi everyone! Paco Taco here. I’m sure you’ve already heard the news but just in case, here it is…. we moved!! All of us – me, Paz, Pepe, David, and the Toucan Lady. It was a big day for us … Continue reading


Focusing Paco’s Time Indoors on Positive Pursuits


Well, it’s finally happened. I knew this day would come and have been dreading it with nervous anticipation for awhile now. Paco has officially started to lose interest in most of his favorite things about the indoors. Suddenly, flying back … Continue reading


The Toucan Lady Goes to Parrot School

I recently had the good fortune to be able to attend the annual Behavior Apps: Training with Art and Science Workshop for companion parrot owners at the Natural Encounters training facility in Florida. The course is designed to introduce you to the … Continue reading


Building a Handicapped Aviary for a Disabled Toucan

After Pepe’s last fall, we were forced to move him out of the large aviary he shared with Paz and give him some time to recuperate in our house over this past month. What began as full on “cage rest” … Continue reading


Nest Logs for Toco Toucans: Part 2, It’s a Box!

Prior to Pepe’s fall and subsequent “divorce” from Paz, we had just completed a newly designed nest box for the pair to use in this upcoming mating season. You may remember from my original post on Nest Logs for Toco Toucans … Continue reading


Not Meant to Be: The Failed Socialization of Paz & Paco

It has been over three weeks since Pepe’s fall and subsequent move out of the aviary he shared with Paz. In true animal/Buddhist fashion, always existing in the present moment, Paz has also moved on with her life. Due to … Continue reading


My Pepe is Broken and I Don’t Know How to Fix Him

It’s time for me to share some sad news about The Pepster. Things have been quite stressful for the last couple of weeks in Toucanland and while they’re starting to look up a bit, we still have a lot of … Continue reading


Relationships Change Us All


  No matter how independent we consider ourselves, no matter how set in our own ways we may be, we have all no doubt made some changes within ourselves over the course of a romantic relationship at some point in … Continue reading


Large vs. Small Toucans as Pets


Between this blog, Facebook, You Tube, and here at the aviaries, I receive tons of comments on an almost daily basis of people claiming, “I want a toucan too!”. Some are obviously just expressing their desire as a figure of … Continue reading


Interview with a Fellow Toucan Lady


I recently discovered that there is a whole other me across the sea. Well, not me exactly, but we do share a lot of shocking similarities. We’re both brunettes. We’re both women. And – here’s the big one – we … Continue reading