A Three-Can Moving Day

Hi everyone! Paco Taco here. I’m sure you’ve already heard the news but just in case, here it is…. we moved!! All of us – me, Paz, Pepe, David, and the Toucan Lady. It was a big day for us … Continue reading


Housing your Pets in a Public Space

The Three-Cans, David, and I are moving off of the little rock we’ve called home for the last few years and onto a slightly bigger rock (island) just a short boat ride away. We’re excited for our move for many … Continue reading


The Lovebirds Part Deux: Paz & Pepe are Shackin’ Up!


Two weeks have past since we first introduced Paz and Pepe and their socialization has been incredibly smooth sailing. While they were a bit edgy in the beginning, they have since adapted to each other’s presence, movements, and habits. Their trust … Continue reading