A Three-Can Moving Day

Hi everyone! Paco Taco here.

Paco the Toco toucan

I’m sure you’ve already heard the news but just in case, here it is…. we moved!! All of us – me, Paz, Pepe, David, and the Toucan Lady. It was a big day for us so I thought I’d share some of the details and the Toucan Lady took plenty of pictures (of course – seriously, her and that iPhone!) for me to include. So here goes!

For the whole week, the Toucan Lady (aka Chrissann, aka my BFF, aka my mate, aka my love, aka my One and Only…) kept telling us something but we weren’t sure exactly what. My Humanese is much better than Paz and Pepe (because I am the bestest!) but even I wasn’t 100% sure what she was trying to say. But I knew it was important. So when that morning came and she put Paz and Pepe into their crates, I knew that this must be what she had been talking about. We were going somewhere! I didn’t know if it was just inside the house or if it was far, but I didn’t want to miss out so I hopped right into my backpack and was super duper excited to find out what was happening next.

toucan moving day 1

After me, Paz, and the Pepster were all together, we got into the boat. We were going on a boat ride! Paz was definitely skeptical and Pepe was suspicious but the Toucan Lady sat right next to us, so I wasn’t really that afraid because I am the bravest. I still croaked loud a couple of times to make sure every other boat we passed by knew I was on the boat but also because my voice is amazing. And when I croak, it makes Pepe croak, and that makes me feel powerful. Mwahaha!

Bye bye, Saba Rock!

toucan moving day 2

Here’s another one of me – I’m on a boat!!

toucan moving day 3

Once the boat stopped, David and another friend put Paz and Pepe into the back of a truck because their crates are too big for the car. David sat in the back with them so they wouldn’t be too scared and to make sure they were safe. I’ll admit it – he’s a pretty nice guy – so long as he’s clear that the Toucan Lady is MINE.

toucan moving day 5

I got to ride in the car with the Toucan Lady because I get hot in my backpack and, you know, because I’m awesome.


toucan moving day 6

The car ride was something new for me. I’ve never really seen one before (at least from what I can remember) but there was air in my face and it felt good. And out the window, I saw cows, sheep, people, and lots of ocean.

Look at those sheep!

toucan moving day 7

I watched Paz and Pepe and David too – they were in front of us the whole time.

We flock together 🙂

toucan moving day 8

The car ride wasn’t that long and before I knew it, the Toucan Lady let me out of my backpack into what she said was my new house! All mine! It’s much bigger than my old house and it feels like I’m in the jungle!! Plus, my favorite rope perches were there, my swing was in there, a big bowl of papaya (my fav!) was there, and even my favorite toys were there!! And it’s so quiet here – no more tourists!

Check it out – that’s me!!

toucan moving day 9

The Pepster lives right next door, just like before, which is fun so we can still talk to each other and show off our toys to each other. He told me that he was happy to have the same special floor like he had before, so he doesn’t fall down and hurt himself. Plus, he even got some slightly higher perches because he’s getting better at not falling as much.

Here’s Mr. Pepe’s house!

.toucan moving day 10

Paz also lives next door to me and Pepe and has the same size house as me! She was REALLY excited to have more space, flying everywhere and playing on her swing (she’s obsessed with that thing!). Paz seems like she’s the happiest of us all because all the people, kites, and boats at our last home made her nervous. She doesn’t sound off her croak alarm much anymore and has been more confident than ever!

Look how happy Paz is! Almost as happy as me!!

toucan moving day 11

The best part of our new house is that our new aviaries get lots more sunshine and we LOVE to sunbathe. We have been really busy zoning out in the sun and all this writing is keeping me from it, so I really should get back to it…

toucan moving day 12

I hope you all liked the pictures – we just LOVE our new home!!

xo, Paco Taco

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13 thoughts on “A Three-Can Moving Day

  1. I LOVE your stories. I have a macaw, so I know the dedication involved. Yours is bar-none the best I’ve ever seen.
    Thank you so much for sharing it with the world! Toucans have always fascinated me.
    We adopted our macaw totally by surprise. Macaws were never even a fleeting thought. But we’re so happy. The aviary world is so special.

  2. Love your toucans, great pictures!!! Your toucans are beautiful. What island is this? I’m curious because my brother lives in Puerto Rico and i don’t know if there are toucans there. I know there are parrots in PR but I was told I’d have to go up to the mountatins to see them. Thanks!!

  3. So happy you are all moved and everyone is happy! Love all the pics! I love the cans and their antics! I have 2 cockatiels, Charlie Davidson, and Sissy Bar! We live in Pendleton Indiana. We have very cold winters so when spring comes we want to go outside in our cages! Charlie and Sissy are mates. I’m 60 yrs. old. I hope I outlive my babies! They are 1 1/2 and 2 yrs old! You are good bird owners!

    • Thank you, Marta!Thanks for sharing your cockateil’s picture on our Facebook pages, they’re cuties!!

      Best to you 🙂

      Chrissann & the Cans

  4. Dear Paco:

    Thank you for the travel log and the tour of your new home. I agree…you are the bestest. I am so happy for you and Paz and Pepe. Enjoy your serene home.

    Your humble fan,

  5. So excited for all of you! Thank you for the update and especially the pictures. It is wonderful to hear how happy and comfortable your new home has made each of you! ♥

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