A Three-Can Moving Day

Hi everyone! Paco Taco here. I’m sure you’ve already heard the news but just in case, here it is…. we moved!! All of us – me, Paz, Pepe, David, and the Toucan Lady. It was a big day for us … Continue reading


Housing your Pets in a Public Space

The Three-Cans, David, and I are moving off of the little rock we’ve called home for the last few years and onto a slightly bigger rock (island) just a short boat ride away. We’re excited for our move for many … Continue reading


Managing Mating Season Behaviors

It’s that time of the year again in Toucanland – the hormones are back and the Three-Cans have mating on their minds. I’ve been reading a lot lately from other bird owners about what a bad mating season it’s been … Continue reading


Focusing Paco’s Time Indoors on Positive Pursuits


Well, it’s finally happened. I knew this day would come and have been dreading it with nervous anticipation for awhile now. Paco has officially started to lose interest in most of his favorite things about the indoors. Suddenly, flying back … Continue reading


Large vs. Small Toucans as Pets


Between this blog, Facebook, You Tube, and here at the aviaries, I receive tons of comments on an almost daily basis of people claiming, “I want a toucan too!”. Some are obviously just expressing their desire as a figure of … Continue reading


Learning from my Mistakes

About a month ago, I made a big mistake when working with Paco and have been paying the price ever since. It is a perfect example of how often times, it’s not one big thing we do to hurt our relationship with our … Continue reading


Turning Toucan Training into a Game


When training with Paz and Pepe, the standard training fare seems to work well. They are receptive to the idea of training and seem to enjoy working for treats, so long as I keep things brief, upbeat, and within their … Continue reading


My Experience with Wing Clipping in Toucans

WARNING: Controversial subject matter ahead. Prior to adopting the Three-Cans, I was completely unaware of the whole wing clipping debate that exists in the bird world. It is a subject that produces passionate, heated exchanges comparable to human world hot … Continue reading


Evolving as a Trainer

Recently, I experienced one of my top training highs since we adopted the Three-Cans. One special morning, the stars aligned and I was given a major reward for my efforts over the past year – all three of the Cans, … Continue reading


Enrichment on the Menu: Bonding Through Food


I am always looking for ways to enhance our Three-Cans lives. A big part of their life is spent eating, so working to make their food fun is important in creating a interesting environment for them. Toucans have a very fast … Continue reading