Our Top Toucan Toy Stuffers

I recently posted the above picture on Facebook of a coconut stuffed with toys for the toucans to roll around and forage out. One of our toucan friends inquired further as to what we actually stuffed the coconut with. I thought that that … Continue reading


The Latest Toucan Toy Creations

This post is dedicated to all of my fellow bird companions out there who lovingly spend their nights, weekends, and general free time crafting bird toys for their feathered friends. Forget the actual construction – I find that often the toughest … Continue reading


Palm Tree Playthings

On our little island, we have a surprising amount of natural resources that can be used safely for our Three-Cans. Our big almond tree provides the perfect perches, shade for their aviaries, and the fallen almonds and crunchy leaves are a treasure … Continue reading


Thinking Inside the Box


Toco toucans (at least ours anyway!) love to peer into mysterious containers in hopes of discovering treasures hidden within. Once they have pillaged said treasures, they then love to destroy the containers in which they were held, although not always in that … Continue reading


Let’s Get Creative! Making Toys for Toucans…


I often say that the most difficult part about owning Toco toucans is keeping them entertained. They are such high-energy, curious birds that I believe they would probably go insane without proper stimulation. For the times we are not directly … Continue reading


Pepe: Toy Collector Extraordinaire


Pepe the Toco toucan, otherwise known as “The Toy Monster”, has developed a clever new way to extend his playtime. I mentioned in my last post on Pepe’s progress his innovative way of storing his toys in his food bowls … Continue reading


Choosing Toys for Toucans


Prior to bringing our three toucans home, I was hesitant to pre-purchase any toys, as I did not know what would be appropriate for them. Having no experience with Toco toucans, I was very curious to find out how they play … Continue reading


There’s a Toucan in my Mirror!


Lately I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for new ways I can provide enrichment for the toucans while spending quality time with them, outside of our training sessions. The challenge is that our birds live outdoors 100% of … Continue reading


Pepe: Coming Into His Own


I have seen a lot of positive changes in the toucans since they first arrived at the end of June. They really seem to be settling in to their new home, less stressed and taking on each day with enthusiasm. … Continue reading