Our First Egg Adventure

I hesitate to confess how completely and utterly shocked I was to find eggs in Paz and Pepe’s nest. After all, I had just socialized, then housed together two healthy birds of breeding age expressly because they had been extremely … Continue reading


Nest Logs for Toco Toucans


We recently came to the conclusion that we needed to provide the Three-Cans with nest logs. Originally, we weren’t sure if it was the best idea, as we were concerned that it would lead to undesirable hormonal nesting behaviors. But I … Continue reading


Advancing to Level 2: Foraging for Toucans


The Three-Cans have been having a lot of fun exploring the new foraging ideas we have been coming up with for them. Every morning when we feed them their breakfast, we place their bowls and toys on the wall behind their aviaries … Continue reading


The Latest Toucan Toy Creations

This post is dedicated to all of my fellow bird companions out there who lovingly spend their nights, weekends, and general free time crafting bird toys for their feathered friends. Forget the actual construction – I find that often the toughest … Continue reading


Toucan Foraging Beginnings


Our favorite trainers over at Bird Tricks have been on a big foraging education kick lately, working hard to incent us humans to begin creating more food foraging opportunities for our companion birds. Birds spend a huge portion of their … Continue reading


Palm Tree Playthings

On our little island, we have a surprising amount of natural resources that can be used safely for our Three-Cans. Our big almond tree provides the perfect perches, shade for their aviaries, and the fallen almonds and crunchy leaves are a treasure … Continue reading


Toucan Vision Observations

As an enrichment activity, I will sometimes bring in my iPad for a bit of toucan playtime. People definitely have a good chuckle if they happen to walk up as I am showing the Three-Cans the iPad, incredulously asking me what the heck … Continue reading


Thinking Inside the Box


Toco toucans (at least ours anyway!) love to peer into mysterious containers in hopes of discovering treasures hidden within. Once they have pillaged said treasures, they then love to destroy the containers in which they were held, although not always in that … Continue reading


Enrichment on the Menu: Bonding Through Food


I am always looking for ways to enhance our Three-Cans lives. A big part of their life is spent eating, so working to make their food fun is important in creating a interesting environment for them. Toucans have a very fast … Continue reading


The Evolving Bag of Wonder Game

The Bag of Wonder is an enrichment game I created as a way to spend quality time and bond with our Three-Cans. You can find my  original post here. The game can be credited for numerous positive outcomes including: helping reinforce … Continue reading