The Latest Toucan Toy Creations

This post is dedicated to all of my fellow bird companions out there who lovingly spend their nights, weekends, and general free time crafting bird toys for their feathered friends. Forget the actual construction – I find that often the toughest part is just getting the creative juices flowing to come up with something toucantastic for my monkeys to enjoy/destroy. Not quite Martha Stewart beautiful, but here are our latest toucan toy creations. Feel free to copy and enjoy your weekend of crafting!

The Feather Duster Boredom Buster

Pepe especially enjoys tearing feathers out of cat toys. I found these colorful feather dusters when shopping on the big island and thought, Think Big, Pepster…no BIGGER. I can only imagine what bird they speculate these feathers once belonged to. Here, I cut holes and wove it through the length of the box, allowing some to peek out the front, then stuffed toys around the feathers trailing inside.

The What’s In There Tupperware

This one is a medium-sized clear Tupperware container which I cut** access holes in both sides, wrapped the top in paper, then stuffed with toys, shredded paper, and other general mess-making accoutrements. The Three-Cans can peer through the sides, tear through the top, and attack through the holes. Observe & Destroy.

**by “I cut” I actually mean “I supervised”…there was an exacto knife involved and I haven’t been “allowed” to use one in awhile…

The Web of Toys

This web was previously rolled up as a tube but to put a new spin on an old toy, I unravelled it and hung it length-wise, then inserted small toys in the mesh for the Three-Cans to tug out from either side as it swings.

Roll ’em Up, Cardstock!

You know you’re a bird owner when you open a package, glance at the actual contents, and are then more excited to find that the shipper used natural (read: reusable for bird toys) packing materials. This heavy piece of cardstock was a score which I lightly folded, then strung together at the top to make a loose tube. Just add toys for pillaging.

Double Decker Boxes

This idea I have to credit to my Toucan Man, David. The Three-Cans have seen and loved these long poster boxes separately, but he ingeniously strung them together horizontally for multi-level play – above, below, from the sides, and even hanging upside down.

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2 thoughts on “The Latest Toucan Toy Creations

  1. How smart are those toys? Touk told me to stop using my head for a hat rack and start inventing toys for him! Don’t talk to your mom like that Touk.

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