Happy Holidays from Toucanland!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from Paco, Paz, & Pepe! We hope you enjoy your holidays & look forward to bringing you more toucan fun in the New Year!


Training as I Clean…

Cleaning the toucan cages is a task that I love to do. Yes, you heard me correctly and yes, I am saying I have fun cleaning up toucan poo. Believe it or not, cage cleaning time in Toucanland is a … Continue reading


Toucan Personality Profile: Paz


As you may have read in my first post on Paco in this series of personality profiles, each of our Three-Cans is incredibly unique, with their own vivid personality that distinguishes them from the others. In today’s post, our gorgeous … Continue reading


Toucanland’s Unique Advertising Opportunity for You

Here in Toucanland, to say we are unaware of our charms would be lying. Sometimes, we even feel capable of some super-sly Jedi mind tricks, willing people with our eyes to come in and bring us more grapes. Which is … Continue reading


Let’s Get Creative! Making Toys for Toucans…


I often say that the most difficult part about owning Toco toucans is keeping them entertained. They are such high-energy, curious birds that I believe they would probably go insane without proper stimulation. For the times we are not directly … Continue reading


Toucan Personality Profile: Paco


One of the most peculiar questions that I receive in reference to our Three-Cans is “do they have personalities?”. As a self-confessed Anthropomorphizing Queen and lover of all animals big & small, to me, this question borders on ridiculous. When … Continue reading


A Day in the Life: Our Daily Schedule

We spend a lot of time with Paco, Paz, & Pepe each day, probably more than is absolutely necessary, but we do so for a number of reasons: They are adult, adopted birds which require more time and effort to build trust and … Continue reading