Giving Toucan Thanks

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought I would express my gratitude to Paco, Paz, & Pepe for all of the wonderful things they bring to my life. Ready for some good old-fashioned mushiness?

Here you have it – The Toucan Lady’s Ode to Her Beloved Three-Cans

Thank you for bringing a genuine smile to both my face and heart each morning, no matter how tired I am, with your excited purrs in greeting as I wake you all up.

Thank you for helping me to see the world from a fresh perspective. It is so interesting to see things through your eyes – I will never look at a Velcro hair roller the same way again.

Thank you for giving me a new found appreciation for the feathered members of the animal kingdom. Being in your presence has not only made me fall madly in love with toucans, but all birds now fascinate me in ways I’ve never experienced before.

Thank you for enjoying/bearing with my constant singing – no one appreciates it quite like you three. (Apparently, David & Morgan the Cat are also grateful to you for this. I overheard something about “taking it for the team”??)

Thank you for making me laugh everyday with your unabashed goofiness. You will always be my Goobers.

Thank you for introducing us to your healthy diet – things have gotten quite delicious around here!

Thank you for putting your trust in me and allowing me in as your friend. You have no idea how rewarding it is to earn your trust.

Thank you for always being interested in me, no matter how many times I come to see you. Your enthusiasm towards my mere presence makes me feel so undeservedly special.

Thank you for helping me to become part of such a great community of Bird People – without you in my life, there are so many amazing people I would have never met.

Thank you most of all for finding your way into our lives. You bring joy to my life each and every day and I can no longer imagine my life without my little monkeys.

Wishing you all something to feel grateful for – have a happy holiday from your friends in Toucanland!


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