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Three-Cans and Chrissann

Paco, Paz, & Pepe are Toco toucans, the largest of 38+ toucan species. They have lived in the Caribbean for most of their lives, mostly together here in the British Virgin Islands. We adopted them from a local tourist attraction that was not able to provide them with the care they required and deserved. We are pleased to be able to give our birds what we feel is a much improved living situation in all areas, from their housing arrangements (huge aviary upgrade), necessary enrichment, and designated caregivers that they can form a positive relationship with (that’s us!). Unfortunately, most of their history is a mystery to us from where they are originally from (Paraguay?), their specific ages (somewhere around 9 years of age at the time of adoption maybe?), to the damage of their beaks (they’re still beautiful though!).

Upon initially meeting the Three-Cans, most people have trouble noticing any contrast between them. However, after spending any length of time in their captivating presence, you will quickly realize that they are very different, both in physical appearance and especially personality.

* For more in-depth personality profiles, click on their names, which are blue, highlighted links in the descriptions below.


Paz is the largest of the Three-Cans and our only female. Her name, which means peace in Spanish, suits her sweet, delicate nature perfectly. Paz has an insatiable appetite – she’s our hungriest hippo who never turns down a blueberry and consistently polishes off more fruit daily than either of the boys. Paz has always been the most shy and timid of the Three-Cans, but since our move into a more private space, she has gained a much needed a boost in confidence and has come further in her training and relationship with me than we ever could have expected. Paz loves digging for toys in boxes, teasing the boys with her grapes, and is our most avid sunbather.



Paco Taco Toucan

Paco is the gregarious social butterfly of the trio. Seemingly fearless and forever curious, Paco is interested in anything and everything that presents itself to him. Definitely the most vocal, Paco has an opinion on everything – purring non-stop once you begin the conversation. Paco is the one who has bonded with me the most, and makes it clear he considers me his “mate” in many ways. I often refer to him as my toucan-puppy, as he is just as, if not more, loyal, playful, loving, and mischievous as an adored family dog.




Pepe is the easiest of the three to tell apart visually due to his flat, blocky bill. His top mandible extends beyond his bottom mandible, giving the appearance of a slight overbite. We call Pepe “the toy monster” due to his passion for catching anything he can hold in his beak and tossing it around for hours. Pepe has always had mysterious balance issues since we adopted him and has to live in a special, handicapped aviary which we built to prevent him from hurting himself when he falls. Pepe’s easy going, goofy personality makes him a joy to spend time with.

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29 thoughts on “Our Toucans

  1. I have 2 questions. I wanted to know if any of your birds have had their wings clipped. My 2 do not and it has been recommended that we do so before we permit them free access in the house as we have very high ceilings.

    The second question concerns what size toy or part of a toy that you would consider too small for the toucans. They are just about a year and a half old now, extremely mischievous and ingenuous and determined to destroy everything. Toys cannot have parts which would be injurious if ingested but I am unsure as to how small a piece could be that could be swallowed.

    Thank you!

  2. Oh my gosh! Your toucans are absolutely beautiful! I’ve been interested in birds (Toucans in particular) for a few years now and yours are adorable. I cant get a Toco because of all of the noise and how big they are (and the fact that my parents don’t approve of a bird as a pet) so when I move out I hope to get a Green Aracari! I’ve heard they’re very loving and sweet. Thank you for sharing you knowledge and your wonderful Toucans with the world!

  3. Hi chrissann I’m Mahima I’m just 8year old
    How did pepe ate the bread
    Even I have toucan it’s just a baby

    to u and the toucans
    Ok bye

    • Hi Mahima,

      Toucans should not eat bread, it is not an acceptable food for them. Do you mean that you have a toucan as a pet? Would you like assistance with its diet?


  4. Oh my god your birds are absolutely breath taking! I’ve been watching your videos on youtube and I am just amazed at how playful they are. I think it’s so cute how Paco has chosen you as his “mate” He looks like a big cuddly toucan teddy bear! I am sry to hear about Pepe though and I hope he is doing better. 🙂

    Also I was wondering I’ve been thinking about getting a toucan for a while but do to where I live (utah) I’m not to sure it would be the best. What do you think. 🙂

    • Hi Nicole,

      Thank you for your note and for following our adventures! Yes – the Three-Cans are a lot of fun and so unique in each of their personalities. However, I do not recommend the larger toucans as pets for a number of reasons. For you living in Utah especially, where they would not be able to live outdoors year-round due to weather, I think it would probably not be ideal for you or the bird. Not only due they really thrive with daily outdoor time (sunshine, breeze, & other stimuli), they also require so much space – as you can see, they are very high-energy. Having a large toucan out flying free in your home is not something that you can realistically do all day, in my opinion. Sorry to be a bummer, just my thoughts!

      Here is an article you might find interesting: https://adventuresintoucanland.com/2012/04/so-you-think-you-want-a-toucan/

      Also, if your heart is really set on a toucan, I’d suggest looking into one of the smaller species, such as toucanets and aracaris. From what I understand, they can make much better companions in the typical human home: https://adventuresintoucanland.com/2012/12/large-vs-small-toucans-as-pets/

      I hope this info is helpful to you. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions. Best wishes to you! 🙂

      Chrissann & the Cans

  5. I love your toucans they were beautiful . I saw a video Paz eating hard boiled eggs . In my mind one question is there. How did she ate that?

    To you and your lovely toucans

    From Mahima

    To chrissann&the cans

    • Hi Mahima,

      Thank you for note. I’m not sure I understand your question…she ate the hardboiled egg, they enjoy them as occasional treats and mostly prefer the yoke. Is that what you were wondering?

      Best wishes to you,

      Chrissann & the Cans

  6. Hi I love your blog. You have beautiful toucans and I love hearing what interests them. I have 5 Aracaris 2 curly crested 2 green and 1 Ivory bill. I would love to hear about foraging ideas. Thank you for this blog

    • Hi Denise,

      Thanks for your note, it’s great to meet you – what an amazing flock you have! I’ve done a few posts on foraging, both with food and with toys. You can find them by clicking on the “Enrichment” category to the right hand side of the home page. I’d love to see and hear more about your aracaris as well. Do you follow us on Facebook? Please don’t hesitate to share your toucan pics and ideas there too – http://www.facebook.com/adventuresintoucanland 🙂

      Keep in touch, have a wonderful day!
      Chrissann & the Cans

  7. I love toucan’s they are one of my favorites I was wondering if you have permits to own them or not? I think it would be wonderful having one to bring some needed Color around my house
    ..thanks for sharring the cute videos… mandy

    • It is dependant on the species and where you live. Some toucans, such as my Tocos, are on the CITES list and require specific documentation and may not be available for import into many countries. I would suggest contacting a breeder such as http://www.emeraldforestbirds.com for more information.

      I’d also suggest looking at the article on this site titled “So You Think You Want a Toucan” to familiarize yourself with the challenges of toucan ownership – there is so much more to consider beyond the color and I honestly do not recommend them as pets.

      Thank you for your interest, best wishes to you!

      Chrissann & the Cans

  8. hey chrissann ,

    beautiful birds , cant stop reading your posts

    i was just wondering why did paz move in with pepe and not paco ? did you pair them ?

    Sara 🙂

    • Thank you, Sara. 🙂

      We had all three birds separated when we adopted them, as they are very territorial birds by nature and none had lived with another bird before. Paz (the female) was in the middle and she & Pepe started showing a lot of interest in each other and exhibiting courtship behaviors through their shared wall, so we socialized them and they’re now a pair. Paz and Paco never showed much interest in each other – Paco courts me and has chosen me as his mate. I’m quite flattered, as Paz is one pretty girl. LOL 😉

      Chrissann & the Cans

  9. I had a pair back in the 80s, I just loved them. Unfortunatley at that time there diet was not well known. We didn’t give them enough protien and they got to much iron. I lost the female but didn’t know why at that time. No place to do a necropsy or even a bird Vet withing 700 miles. The male was tame and his name was Radar after there clicking sound they make. If any of your members know a Tocan named Radar I would sure like to know that he is happy and healthy.

    • Hi Sherri,

      Sounds like a neat experience for you, I’m so sorry you no longer have your Cans. Unfortunately, I don’t know of anyone with a Toco named Radar. Did you have any luck with the Yahoo Toucan Group link I sent to you on Facebook?

      Best wishes to you,
      Chrissann & the Three-Cans

  10. thank you for making me smarter on tocos, they are a beautiful bird. i am tonia’s father and always enjoy keeping up with pogo, i call her ms pogo.
    she is a firecracker like you say. emily, tonia’s sister has a smaller toucan and she is very melow. those 3 tocos must be happy in their new improved environment. chet reinys.

    • Lucky you – between Ms. Pogo and Rafi – you have quite the unique grand-toucans! Thank you for your comments – yes, our Three-Cans are very happy here, as are we to share our lives with them. 🙂 Chrissann

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