The Toucan Lady’s New Blog Series for Bird Tricks

I am excited to announce that I am beginning a new blog series for the wildly popular bird training company, Bird They have been an enormous help to me in my first year with the Three-Cans in all things related to bird training, care, and enrichment.

artwork by Luiza Roli

My first post has just been published and I thought I would share it here. While I will not be sharing all of my future posts in the series on this site (they will most likely all be about parrots), I thought all of our toucan friends would enjoy reading a bit about my training history with the Three-Cans and how I overcame many of their behavioral issues using the Bird Tricks training program.

Here is the post:

Introducing Bird Tricks Fan & Blogger Chrissann Nickel & Her 3 Toco Toucans

If you would like to continue to follow this blog series, be sure to check in over at the Bird Tricks Facebook page for all of the latest posts. I’m also looking for people to share their own training success stories, so if you’re a Bird Tricks fan yourself, contact me at to apply.

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