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It has been just about a year now since I started this blog, chronicling our adventures with our three Wonder-Cans, Paco, Paz, and Pepe. I hope you have had just as much fun as we have falling head first into the nest log and getting spendidly lost in all things toucan.

Some of you have been with us from the very beginning and some of you just arrived yesterday. I am so grateful to you all – the early birds, the late birds, and all you delightful birds in between. Not only is it so much more worthwhile to write when you know someone out there is actually listening, but getting to know all of you that contact me on this website, You Tube, Facebook, and via email is one of my favorite things about blogging.

While I hope you’re able to find what you’re looking for on this website through the search and category features, I do imagine that navigating through a year’s worth of postings can potentially be tedious. So for all of you who joined us a few months ago or even just a few days ago, I thought I’d take a moment to give you a little recap of this past year in Toucanland and provide you with some easy links for the toucanrific merriment you may have missed.

One of the most popular posts by far, no doubt due to all of the wonderfully nutty bird people I share this category with: 10 Signs You’ve Become a Crazy Bird Person.

Most anyone who has the pleasure to see the Three-Cans in person always inevitably becomes enthralled with their tongues – they really are impressive and I believe, have to be one of the most unique in nature. Take a closer look at The Toucan Tongue.

Curious about where exactly in the world we live? Hint: it truly is a tiny little island in the Caribbean. See Toucanland’s Island Home.

Who’s your favorite Three-Can? Not sure who is who? Get to know them as the distinctly cool individuals they are by visiting the personality profiles for Paco, Paz, and Pepe.

Do you know what the Three-Cans’ favorite game is? We play most every day and I get a lot of funny photo and video fodder from it. It’s The Bag of Wonder – Toucan Enrichment Game .

I spend a LOT of time tending to the Three-Cans’ needs each and every day. How can one possibly devote 4+ hours to 3 Toco toucans each day? Here’s how – A Day in the Life: Our Daily Schedule.

A Toco toucan purr can mean a wide range of things. The secret to becoming fluent in toucanese is all about the body language. Recommended study guide: Reading Toco Toucan Body Language.

Are you a toucan fanatic? Has this blog made you desperately want a toucan of your own? If so, be sure to check out So You Think You Want a Toucan first.

It’s already been one wild toucan ride for us and we’re looking forward to posting more about all of the new adventures we no doubt have headed our way. Thank you for your friendship and care, we so enjoy sharing our lives with you!

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2 thoughts on “Best of the Blog – Things You May Have Missed

  1. I am SO infatuated with toucans since we’ve become Facebook friends (almost a year ago I think). They are gorgeous, smart & lovable creatures. I wish I had the time & resources to have one of my own. I read the “so you think you want a toucan” & I realize I don’t have what it takes to dedicate myself to one. So, I can only admire them from afar. Your birdie kids are awesome. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for keeping up with us, glad you’re enjoying the Cans! I also commend you on your realistic decision to hold off on toucan ownership. It’s certainly not for everyone, but am happy you can live vicariously through Paco, Paz, and Pepe from afar. If you ever find yoruself in the Caribbean, be sure to come visit us someday.

      Thanks again for following, cheers!

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