2 thoughts on “Plate-Billed Mountain Toucan

  1. Dear Jeff,
    I too am a native northern Californian (east SF bay area). I now live just a bit south of Portland, Oregon. I’m so intrigued with the aricari’s, the curls are adorable. I am currently thinking about getting a greater Indian Hill Mynah bird (baby). But during my information and literature search on softbills, I came across these adorable birds that you have and wonder if I should get one of those instead? I have a lovely gentle standard Parti Poodle, Ilsa, who would likely get along famously with a small toucan. In fact she dotes on my red factor canary “Strawberry” and would probably bond with a little toucan. I looked at the Emerald Forest website, as they breed so many types of softbills, but don’t list prices. What would your estimate be for the cost of a curl crested aricari? I have read about special dietary needs, size of cage and perhaps the palm log “nests” for sleeping, and I don’t have children so I could afford all of it’s needs just fine. Can you reply and let me know your thoughts. Best regards, Julia Truelove.

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