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For those of you wondering where in the world is Toucanland, I thought I would share a bit about the tropical paradise that we are fortunate to call home. We live on a tiny spec in the Caribbean called Saba Rock, which you won’t find on most maps. Saba Rock is a part of the British Virgin Islands, which are east of Puerto Rico and northwest of St. Martin and St. Barths. For the nautical charting buffs out there, our coordinates are 18° 30. 24N & 64° 21. 42W.

We’re the tiny red circle in between the two larger islands

The British Virgin Islands consist of over 60 scarcely inhabited islands and cays and are one of the premier sailing destinations in the world. Most of the tourism in this area can be attributed to Americans and Europeans who come down and charter sailing and/or powerboats for a week or more to explore the spectacular island chain. The boating in this area is unparalleled to anywhere else and is really what sets the BVI apart. Tranquil seas and picturesque beach bars that you can only find in the Caribbean make for some of the most fun that you will ever have. One of my favorite parts about the BVI is the ability to spend a day out boating and visit one island for lunch, another for drinks, another for a snorkel, and another for sunset!

Saba Rock is roughly one acre in size at low tide. David and I are the only people who reside on this island – the 2011 census shows the current population at 2 humans, 2 cats, 3 toucans, and an army of hermit crabs in indeterminable numbers. We have the privilege of living here because David manages the island, or as he likes to say, “makes sure the place doesn’t burn down”.  😉

On Saba Rock there is a 200 seat restaurant and bar, gift shop and nautical museum, 8 hotel rooms, and a 10 slip marina. It may be small but it has most all of the features of a full service resort, but with a much more personalized touch. The toucan enclosures are located upstairs in the tropical gardens, just up the hill from the beach.

When we adopted our Three-Cans, we were very lucky to be able to build their enclosure outdoors. It is a beautiful space for the toucans to enjoy and also allows the people who visit the island to meet The Trio. While housing your pets in a public space is not without its challenges, most people are respectful to our birds and appreciate the opportunity to interact with such amazing creatures.

If you’re looking for an ideal spot for your next beach vacation, you will not be disappointed with the BVI. These islands have some of the most beautiful beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters on this earth. Should you find yourself washed upon our shores, please come say hello to Paco, Paz, & Pepe – they’d love to meet you and are also known for their excellent cocktail recommendations.

For more information on Saba Rock Resort, please visit their website and/or follow them on Facebook.

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