10 Signs You Have Become a Crazy Bird Person

Our lives have changed quite a bit since we adopted our three Toco toucans. Priorities have shifted – gone are the days of sleeping in late, flitting off for the weekend, and other general carelessness. I have already been accused by more than a couple of people of turning into a “crazy bird lady”. And you know what? It’s hard to defend myself because in all reality, I am slipping deeper and deeper into Toucanland and am embracing every minute of it. For all my birdie friends out there, here are some of the signs that you too, are becoming a Crazy Bird Person…

  • You spent over an hour this morning lovingly chopping fresh fruits and veggies for your bird(s) but ended up ordering in take-out for dinner because you were too lazy to make food for the humans
  • You want more birds. And even if you get them, you inherently know that you will still want more birds.
  • Your house now has species-specific decor items

Yes, we now have toucan wall art…

  • You coo “I love you” to your bird(s) at least 10x more frequently than you do to any other member of your human family
  • When getting dressed for the day, you add a funky accessory and your first thought is, “I wonder what (insert bird’s name) will think of this!”
  • You are completely undisgusted by bird poo, your main defense being that they are vegetarians and it doesn’t even smell
  • Your bird has its own Facebook fan page
  • Your favorite conversations are ones that involve birds, specifically, your bird. If you find yourself having an unrelated conversation, you somehow manage to steer it back in the bird direction.
  • You celebrate your bird’s “Hatch Day” and post pictures of the festivities on the aforementioned Facebook fan page.
  • When you have company in your shower, it is much more likely to be your bird than your spouse.

Recognize any of these? I’ll admit to at least eight of them – just call me the Crazy Toucan Lady, a title I am both proud of and plan to print on a t-shirt. Probably just another check in the crazy column, eh? But I must say I am proud to join the Feathered Forces. So who’s with me? All you Crazy Bird People out there, hold your head high and know that your flock has just grown one stronger.

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24 thoughts on “10 Signs You Have Become a Crazy Bird Person

  1. I spend all day with my weiro smooching and laughing (with not at) him. My canaries are fascinating and my quails are delightful. I worry when I go out and tick off all the things they need

  2. I have no birds, but i love to spend time outside watching birds, feeding doves and other species, and everytime i meett a new one specie i get really excited, it feels like i have won the lottery, it’s crazy, you know what i mean, thanks god i’m not the only one, i tought i was loosing my mind, but not, i hope they don’t call me crazy, lol

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