7 Things that Spook the Toucans

Because today is the scariest day of the year, I thought you might be interested in a short list of things that the toucans find super scary. But before we begin, you must solemnly swear to never use this information for nefarious purposes. Agreed?? Here we go…

7 Things That Spook The Toucans

Things that are Purple – In general, and excluding grapes which are simply too yummy to be scary

Kiteboarding Kites – The arch nemesis of the three-cans – crazy, demon birds with an evil agenda and the unbelievable nerve to swoop through our air space

Our Sunday Housekeeper – the singing, oh dear God, the singing…

Videos of Parrots Squawking – Are they being tortured inside that iPad or what?!

Baseball Hats – Deformed birds with beaks on their foreheads make us shudder…

Men Speaking Loudly in Spanish – ¡Hola! AAAAGGGHHHH!!!!

The Indoors – Ceilings and walls and fans….oh, my!!

“This is too scary, I’m outta here!”

There you have it. Don’t be ashamed if you share any of these fears with the toucans. You can open up about it here – this is a safe space. I myself get chills down my spine whenever a man screams “burrito” at me. Or “chimichanga”. Eeeee…..

Happy Halloween!!!

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