Top 10 Ways You Know You’re a Caribbean Bird

You know you’re officially a Caribbean bird when…

  • You like seagulls and find what they have to say interesting
  • When you moved neighborhoods, you did so by boat
  • After 2 days of rain, you are intensely grumpy and going through sun withdrawals
  • People have screensavers of the view you have from your aviary

Caribbean Aviary View

  •  Your favorite papaya are the ones that come from your homegrown papaya tree
  • You do not fly south for the winter. The snowbirds flock to you.
  • While you spend more time in the hammock than you’d care to admit, you still make an effort to stay bikini-ready year round
  • To you, Christmastime signifies not an increase in snowflakes, but an increase in millionaires
  • You are acutely aware that you look your most beautiful when people are a) on vacation and b) drunk
  • Screw cereal – you have a fruity cocktail named after you


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